Millennium Attraction’s CYBER Partner Network

MA has a network of partners in the global market for Software & Tech companies in various industries. Our partners help us in multiple ways to better meet your demands.

Distributors and Resellers

We offer a solution for ready to go global resellers. Ensuring seamless transactions be carried out with potential clients, without any forms of barriers.

Technology Partners

A key mission of MA is to empower our clients with the right partnerships. We curate and filter the best technology partners whom would enable your company to improve the scope of your software or solution.

Integration Partners

We have a wide network of integration partners, in various different markets, allowing implementation of your software right where is needed;

Join the Cyber Partner Network

We are looking for resellers, distributors, integration partners and technology partners to join our network.

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When you believe it would be beneficial to introduce our experts to help finalize a deal as you believe that our proficiency or professional relationship could aid a deal. We would allow a Cosell partner to work with a MA Account executive to help close a deal. Partnership agreements are tailored by our team.


In the B2B world, nothing beats a recommendation. A referral partner would introduce a company looking to accelerate growth to the MA ecosystem. Referral partners earn fees per successful introduction, which results into a collaboration or a purchase of our services.


We allow certain partners to resale our services to new or existing clients allowing a synergy within various campaigns. Transactions are overseen by a “Work Order” between MAltd and the partner. Partners are able to “Mark-up” the services on their personal contract with their client.