“Millennium Attraction’s purpose is to help our clients drive business growth to a positive momentum with an excellent return on investment. We take pride in knowing how to grow and market businesses across the globe with a proven track record of success. Our business is powered by data and tailored business services; it is our mission to provide our clients globally compliant information and top-notch solutions to help them increase revenue.”

— CEO of Millennium Attraction

About Millennium Attraction LTD.

Millennium Attraction (MAltd) is an enterprise built on customer engagement; We are a London based start up with offices born in a major creative, technology and cybersecurity hubs. Our team loves being part of a community of thinkers, dreamers and doers that continue to change our Global dimension virtually and physically.

The landscape for the way organisations purchase products and services is constantly changing. Sales and marketing lay at the foundation of the development of the business and like the landscape, they also keep evolving. Our strategy is simple, our procedures also adapt and evolve to mirror potential client’s decision making process.

Our company is built on brilliant people, able to intelligently engage with potential client with the power of smart data used in every step of our sales & marketing programme.

With globally compliant data we provide a complete top notch outsourcing solution for our clients.




We firmly believe in meeting and exceeding our client's expectations hence our technology provides a vital role to allow us to deal with our clients with transparency to be able to keep our clients up to date with what’s happening.

Customers First

Our company is focused on customer satisfaction. We work alongside our client visions and plans to ensure MA delivers.


Masters of revenue attraction; Helping customers scale in all directions.

Ready To Go!

No time is wasted in getting you set up and going; we treat each day as potential revenue.


All of our data is globally compliant. We work very hard to ensure that all of our data sources and partners are regulated and law compliant.

No Lead Recycling

We have a “no recycling” policy for our leads. We do not have a need for it, with our access to extensive data we can target your specific demographic, creating fresh searches.

5 Areas that define Millennium Attraction

Limitless Capabilities

We offer a 360° Outsourcing solution, giving our clients synchronisation in campaigns. We know which channels to integrate to compliment our operations giving you maximum attraction. Covering multiple marketing and sales channel, MAltd is the only outsourcing partner your company will need.

Technology Experts

When it comes to innovative technology, we are the experts. Our team has in dept knowledge and understanding when it comes to the tech field. With years of experience in field we have been serving IoT, SaaS, PaaS and other tech companies.

World Class Customer Experience

At MAltd we understand that a business revolves around the customer and that each interaction with a customer is vital to us. Ensuring a positive interaction is what we take pride in at MAltd, going the extra mile for each customer.

Multinational Team

We have a multilingual team from across the world enabling global market penetration for our clients. To provide best results for each campaign we currently operate two main offices based in London and Lahore, each focusing on delegates tasks and specific global regions.

Creative Corporate Methodology

The business landscape for the way corporate organisations purchase software and services is constantly evolving. To keep up to date it is essential that your business also is constantly developing new methods adapting to the clients decision making process. MAltd provides an outsourced business development resources helping you stay up to date with emerging market changes with new creative methods of reaching your clients.