Our Sales Managers

All of our team members, regardless of level of experience, undergo specialist training on multiple subjects to ensure that our customers as well as their clients and prospects, always get the best of services and interactions. We are experts in:

“C-Level” Executives

Finding and approaching the right decision makers is an essential to help the flow of a deals in a competitive B2B world. Our core business strategy relies on targeting the correct demographics for campaigns.

Once we have found the right executives, we strategize and tailor the most suitable approach based on each company or the individual, developing our approach around intellectual and professional interactions.

Phycology of Selling

To put it simply, we when selling for our clients, we like to focus on understanding the proximity around the solution or product we are selling. Yes quality and price are big factors but companies want to see real value. People want to know.

Our job is understanding our customers service and products and based upon that manage the approach. We want to understand ‘Why a company would buy’; instead of focusing on price and quality, we like to focus on the value the product would bring to the company; For example, for our Cyber Security clients it might be refraining bad actors from causing reputation loss for a company.

Full Sales Cycle

We tailor each package depending on your requirements, we offer a full coverage of services From lead generation to after post sale customer retention, At MA we offer the opportunity to have a dedicated teams working to give you support for each step in your customers journey.

No Scripts

A Natural flow of conversation is one of the most important tools for any sales team member; Our tactics are having an intelligent meaningful conversation rather than an ordinary sales pitch. MA professionals to ensure that your company standards are achieved with proven track record.

Tailored Approaches

Our approach strategist tailor each approach based on various data points which we gain. We treat each lead which we approach as a potential revenue source, never putting pressure on any prospect or lead.

The Art of Sales

With Millennium Attraction CRM integrations you can scan your CRM for out-of-date data, update any stale data, fill in any missing gaps, and bring new data directly into your current workflows.

Discovery & Market Analysis

  • We learn about your solution or product.
  • We analyse your market and gain an insight.
  • Comprehensive Market Assessment


  • Using sophisticated methods, we create suitable prospects.
  • We source verified contact details for each company
  • Minimum of 10 data points are used to create a basic prospect profile.

Approach Strategy

  • We create the best introduction with a conversational tone.
  • Our team tailors all communications based on prospects.
  • We optimize approach with your sales process


  • Initial approach is crafted in a suitable manner.
  • The aim is to : Develop Rapport, Build Credibility & Trust.
  • Using intelligent approach sequencing to gain the best results.


  • Intelligent Sales Conversations
  • Product Demos
  • Corporate Discussion eg. International Standards

Meeting Objections

  • We Find out all objections or concerns & address them in a positive mannor
  • Using Objections as Buying signals
  • Keep an updated record of feedback & concerns

Gaining commitment

  • Proposals, Offers and final meetings
  • Corporate obligations
  • Paper Work

Technical set up

  • Our Tech Experts can help integration
  • Implementation
  • Testing

Customer support and Satisfaction

  • Following up with customers promptly
  • Helping customers with any assistance
  • Gaining feedback

Repeat Business & Referrals

  • Ensuring that repeat business is maximised
  • When customers boast about your solution to their network you have a successful business
  • Good enterprise relationships are built around a fast flow of service, pleasant transactions, Human interactions and of course a great product!

Business Development

Strategical Partnerships are vital necessity for the organic growth or any company. Figuring out new potential streams of revenue for your business can be quite challenging if you do not have the correct knowledge and tools. Our Business Development team focuses on figuring out what is next for your company.

At MA we take pride in our creative business development skills, proposing you with the most suitable and “out of the box” opportunities for revenue. :


We find and filter revenue generating opportunities for your business. From the most apparent ones to the hidden gems.

Strategic Partnerships

Organizing strategic partnerships will help your business flourish by gaining your company value with the aid of potential partners.

Distribution Channels

Maximising your revenues with the aid of different channels of distributions in markets in which your focus does not currently lay will enable easy market penetration.


We have a global network or value-added resellers whom enable sales in their given territories. We present our clients to work with pre vetted companies within our preestablished network to enable passive growth.

Industry Trends

Keeping up with industry news and trends will enable you not only to discover new things but also to predict the market allowing you to create an accurate forecast based on field trends.

Why MA?

Sales Ops, also known as sales strategy or sales center of excellence, enables their organization with plans, process and tooling to execute more efficiently and reliably hit quota. Playbooks gives Sales Ops a scalable approach to implement measurable strategies across their digital sales teams with consistent action-to-outcome insights.

Native CRM Reporting

See real-time rep performance and activity, know which actions lead to the best outcomes so you can optimize what works


Set up custom prioritization sorts based on your data and rules, our scores or a combination of both to keep reps focused on critical sales activities


Auto sync activity to CRM to track and analyze rep activity; auto enroll leads with triggers to prompt rep action; auto route inbound calls to the right reps


Structure rep engagement around known best practices with templates, prompts, and snippets to keep reps organized and productive

Auto Track and Sync

See and review all historical activities on an account, what actions lead to success, what actions to avoid, and with which prospects to spend more time

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